Our BIG Secret

Truth time: I’ve been lying to you for months. It was a good lie though – if there is such a thing….

We wanted to wait until JUST THE RIGHT TIME to announce it…


That’s right, there are TWO Wiglets. We are pregnant with TWINS. And guess what else…


They are twin girls, Evelyn Nell and Eleanor Ruth, our sweet miracles.

There are a few reasons we didn’t share the news from the start.

  1. After our failed IVF transfer in February, we had no understanding of what went wrong. Since we never did genetic testing, we weren’t sure if the seed or the soil was to blame. We prayerfully decided to transfer two for better odds of at least ONE making it. We didn’t want to be bombarded with questions from everyone asking if we were having twins – so we opted to keep it quiet.
  2. You may remember really early on, we had a complication, a Subchroinic hemorrhage that scared us senseless. We had only had blood tests done at that point, so we weren’t sure if the baby was healthy. We were convinced we were miscarrying. I was hysterically crying when we arrived at the doctor’s office for an emergency ultrasound. When the nurse flashed a smile and said – “well I have two heartbeats” our tears of defeat turned into shouts of joy (and more tears – just happier this time). I continued to bleed for about two more weeks, so we weren’t sure they would both make it… furthering our decision to keep the second baby a secret.
  3.  By the time we got to 10 weeks, we finally let our defenses down to believe that THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING – we were finally pregnant, with not just ONE healthy baby… but TWO! We had carried our little secret for a while and now the possibility of a massive surprise was enticing us to keep it under wraps for a while longer.
  4. We were really open and honest about our journey with close friends and family. NOTHING we did was a surprise, it was fun to keep something for ourselves for a little while and to share our joy when we felt ready – which brings us to our SURPRISE WE ARE HAVING TWINS Gender reveal…

Sunday of last week, our dear friends and family gathered together for what they assumed was a gender reveal for our little Wiglet.


Little did they know, we had MORE THAN ONE BALLOON, with the second hiding in a closet.


It was so fun to gather all of our people together…


It came time to pop our balloon, everyone was so full of joy – little did they know the biggest surprise of all was coming.

Who thinks girl? Who thinks boy?


 One! Two! Three! POP!




With a room full of happy people, we thanked them for coming – for praying with us, for being our tribe for the past three years.

We told them that God had heard their prayers and had blessed us abundantly.


” …. so abundantly, actually, that Kev is going to go grab the second balloon!”my-joy

There was a moment of stunned processing, then the whole room erupted in cheers. I’ve never seen that many surprised, happy, and loving people in one room. My heart beats quicker and I get goosebumps every time I think about it. So many happy tears.


Kev brought out the second balloon  – and POP!


The joy that ensued is contagious.


And my family could barely contain themselves once we announced their names…


My daddy’s face melts me every time. Don’t get me started on my sister back there.


Evelyn Nell

Evelyn is my maternal grandmother AND Kev’s paternal grandmother.

Nell is my paternal grandmother AND my middle name.

Eleanor Ruth

Eleanor just sounded great with Evelyn – and Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the greats!

Ruth is Kev’s maternal grandmother AND his mother’s middle name.

To say it was an incredible day would be an understatement. And now that I can talk openly about the girls, I can’t wait to share what has been on my heart for the last few months.

Thank you for sharing in our joy, for praying along with us – for being our tribe. All four of us love you  – even if we’ve never met.

Even though we have a long way to go (especially with twins), I can honestly say, these girls were worth the wait. We are so thankful for a Lord that provides – even when it seems impossible.


With love (and more happy tears),

Kev, Brandi, Eleanor & Evelyn



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